Tom Shattuck

Lean Agile coach
Tom Shattuck is a certified Lean Agile coach and a highly qualified education facilitator. He specializes in transformation and change programs, working with individual clients, business service organizations and large market sectors.

As a trainer, Tom is charismatic, combining energy and authenticity when presenting and teaching. His coaching style uses a combination of engaging questions and active listening to promote personal awareness and self discovery among participants.

With 20 years experience in large-scale IT Services, Tom has broad expertise across integrated service delivery, business program management, operations consulting and customer relationship management in both retail & financial sectors.

During the past 5 years, he has worked throughout Europe and India motivating and promoting agile ways of working; engaging with executives, client accounts, project teams and delivery leaders to align and accelerate their improvement programs and strategic imperatives.

He believes by fostering and encouraging a culture of collaborative responsibility, companies can sustain and enhance both their performance outcomes and employee engagement. Tom loves working alongside caring and passionate people. By building open and honest relationships, teams establish an attitude of trust and respect.

Having fun at work unleashes ambition and innovation - happy people do great things!

Tom has facilitated strategy workshops for global vice presidents and senior executive teams of a Fortune 500 company. He has provided education courses on Lean, Agile and Design Thinking to over 12,000 employees around the world. As Director of Business Optimization for a global service center, Tom was responsible for defining business vision and providing strategic direction to optimize solutions and programs targeted to business needs and benefits. He guided leadership to successfully strengthen and enhance their operating models and management systems to increase productivity, improve quality and align standardization. Tom has spoken at several industry Lean and Six Sigma conferences and he is a regular guest lecturer at the local University of Economics.


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