Tim Hole

Performance Coach, Facilitator and Trainer
Tim is a Performance Coach, Facilitator and Trainer specialising in supporting individuals and teams in fast-paced and fluid work environments. After twenty years in the music industry working with Artists and creative talent, Tim expanded to include other industries such as Advertising, Media and Tech. Tim holds a connected vision of the future workplace where diversity is truly represented and utilised alongside artificial intelligence, and globally located collaborative teams.

He has created the ‘BREATHE’ methodology to allow companies to install inclusivity immediately and extend the full potential of the individuals working in all organisations. His work in gender empowerment and diversity led to him becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (FRSA). He is also an internationally affiliated Coach (ICF) and Facilitator (IAF).

Some of his specialisations:

• Coaching: Individuals

• Coaching: Teams

• Coaching: Executives

• Training: BREATHE Facilitation Training

• Training/Workshop: The Future Workplace (Inspiration presentation and exercises)

• Workshop: BREATHE Immersion

• Workshop: Unconscious Bias - the business and the personal

• Workshop: Identity

• Workshop: Active Listening

• Workshop: Effective Questioning

• Workshop: Productivity

• Workshop: Team Harmony

• Consultation: Organisational Ethnographic Mapping


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