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NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It explores the relationship between how we think (Neurology); the way we communicate (Linguistic) and Programming refers to how our neural language function.Let us consider an example for better understanding.

It might have happened to you. You may have been to a different country with people speaking a different language. Have you tried speaking to people there who do not understand you? Have you tried communicating with them? An interesting example for this is that you have visited a restaurant in a foreign country and while you order and wait for steak, the dish you receive on your plate is liver stew.

Our unconscious mind has a unique relationship with us as reflected in the above-given example. We keep ordering for more money, more happiness, a peaceful relationship, a strictly followed diet and the list just goes on. Finally, nothing is evident on the surface and you feel that some link is missing in the middle.

NLP goes by the saying: the unconscious mind is the goal-getter and the conscious mind is the goal-setter. The unconscious mind works in mysterious ways, it is not out to get you but it works in the direction of getting you what you really want in life. It is interesting to note that if you are unable to communicate to your subconscious mind in a proper way, it will keep on bringing out liver stews from the kitchen.

Go on, try thinking about that one thing that you want to change or one habit that you want to break.

  • Would you stop binging on a full pack of potato wafers or an entire tub of ice cream in one shot?
  • Will you stop spending redundant and wasteful hours on Facebook?
  • Maintain your calm during work presentations?

It is evident that whatever your unconscious mind does will be in agreement with your desires of the conscious mind. (“Sir, I have hooked up your emotional baggage along with your hefty procrastination and a box full of anxiety. Are you ok? Do you want anything else?)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like a steering wheel for your brain and NLP training is all about learning the language of mind so that the always buzzing engine that is your unconscious mind will get hold of your actual goals in life.

NLP techniques will develop in you the skills to communicate both with yourself and others. Excellent communicators and therapists with successful NLP background have contributed to the development of NLP. The general notion about NLP says that it is a set of techniques and tools, but the results tell a different story of it being more than that. NLP is truly a powerful attitude which works by achieving goals and churning up results through its unique methodology.

We at Leadership Tribe have a mission of empowering the planet. Teaching NLP will help us in helping you. Our energies are entirely focussed on giving you the most appropriate NLP technique and concepts that will help you in taking control of your mind, emotional state, body and life.


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