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Our ApproachWe work with you to assess whether Agile is the right solution for your organisation and which methodologies will help you to maximise the value-addition. Our expert Agile consultants assist you to facilitate the adoption of Agile across your teams. Becoming Agile isn’t a solution that is ‘once and for all’, it is the starting point of a journey and your team need to take ownership and continuously maintain and improve on each dimension – people, processes and technologies.

Our experienced Agile consultants shall facilitate a smooth transition to enable you to new ways of working. This will warrant that the Agile methodologies adopted are effective at individual, team, departmental or enterprise level as appropriate, and establish self-reliant in-house capabilities for our clients.

Our Experience

Our Agile consultants possess in-depth knowledge on Agile methodologies and their applications. They have extensive experience delivering customised services to suit the clients’ need and implementing both process and people development to help our clients to achieve agility.

Adopting the Agile approach is not always straight-forward, particularly where the business has a stretched experience with more traditional methods. Our consultants have many years of practical experience in smoothing the transition process, ensuring the business adopts and adapts to the new approach at all levels by raising performance levels and delivering business benefit.

Our Offering

We help you to transform to the Agile business mind set in response to constant and unforeseen changes, so that you can improve your resilience and flexibility and deliver more value to customer in a faster time frame. Our consultants provide highly flexible, transparent and scalable planning and delivery of Agile solutions. They help to infuse agility into your ogranisation by linking strategy to execution, implementing an adaptable process flow, gaining stakeholder buy-in and working on the mindset.

We provide comprehensive Agile training and coaching programs, such as Agile Leadership, Agile Marketing and Agile Coaching.A large majority of our training courses lead to certification by professional bodies including Scrum Alliance, IC Agile, and International Coach Federation (ICF).

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For more information or to make an enquiry regarding our agile consultancy services, please contact us at info@leadership-tribe.com and our specialists will be happy to discuss the support you need to best meet your objectives.


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