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  • We engage dedicated and experienced professionals to upskill your people, deliver results and transform your organisation.
  • We measure your achievement and course correct next steps to drive continuous improvements and accomplish strategic goals.
  • Together we design and deliver fabulous solutions which are capable of transforming your organisation.
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Meet Our Team

Our Team

Vikram Dhar

NLP Coach & Trainer

Uday Tiwari

Executive Coach

Tom Shattuck

Lean Agile coach

Tim Hole

Performance Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

Nikki Babu

Agile Coach

Ming Wei

Executive and Leadership Coach

Lanxi Deng


Krishna Chodipilli

Senior Advisor

J P Shivakumaraswamy

Co-founder & COO at Sanria Engineering

Col. Ranjeev K babu, VSM

Executive Coach

Balaji Sathram

Executive Coach

Ankitha U

SoftSkills Trainer

Aarti Bhatt

Project Manager
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