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Our Approach

At Leadership Tribe we are committed to empower you to flourish from a professional and personal perspective. We differentiate our services by addressing both the ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’ aspects of training. We enable you to uplift your knowledge and skills in specific fields with our participative workshops through pragmatic examples and certified courses; and we help to build your resilience and improve your ‘soft skills’ of building rapport, expression, influencing and leading teams. These two aspects complement each other to channel your strength, drive behavioural changes and deliver prosperous outcomes.

Our training methods are up-to-date best practices for learning and transfer of knowledge. We use a variety of teaching methods such as trainer-led courses, coaching, individual assignment and group exercises to embed and anchor learning outcomes into our participants.

Our Experience

We have a tribe of highly-qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about transforming people and building high-performing teams, with a proven track record in their respective specialised field.

Our Enterprise Agile trainers have over 20 years of experience in training leadership teams and coaching executives for global oraganisations. We have successfully trained over one million participants in 12 countries, to help them to improve performance and achieve desired results. Our Leadership Coach is a Colonel from the Indian Army with 25 years of operational and strategic experience in Aviation Tactics, Counter Terrorism and Defence Strategy.

Our Offering

Our training and development solutions are designed to help individuals and teams to develop core skills and competences and improve their performance levels.We have a portfolio of specialised training courses and developed our own high-quality programs that would help individuals and teams to make a real difference and achieve desired result.

We facilitate people and teams to develop a blueprint and help them to instil the skills and toolsets to implement it by providing comprehensive training and coaching programs in Agile Leadership, Leadership and Team Building, Business Planning and Strategy, Design Thinking, Agile Marketing and Agile Coaching.A large majority of our training courses lead to certification by globally recognised professional bodies including Scrum Alliance, IC Agile, International Coach Federation (ICF), and NLP Coaching Academy.

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