Handling Organisational Impediments

Handling impediments in an organisation could prove to be an arduous task as you have to sometime shake the hierarchy to make changes in practices that are causing the slowdown. However, being an Agile leader, you have to control and address such impediments in a highly efficient manner to avoid any discomfort or inconvenience to stakeholders. In this article, we will share the methods as to how a manager can effectively handle organisational impediments. Let us first focus on what actually an impediment is.

Organisational Impediments

An impediment is anything that hinders or disrupts the established pace of the team. It could be in any form and can occur anytime in an organisation.

How to handle Impediments

Handling impediments need constant surveillance and focus. However, new age management technology has created a breakthrough process known as Scrum. Introduced in modern organisational culture, it has proved itself to be highly effective in handling unforeseen impediments that arise in the workspace. The following steps serve as checkpoints to address this organisational challenge.

Recognize the Impediment

The most important task in handling impediments is recognizing and mapping recurring impediments in the organisation. You have to be extremely careful while choosing the problems to get fixed. As most of the time, we do not pay attention to whether the issue is really worth addressing or not. Recognition of the actual problem is extremely significant to find relevant solutions.

Understand the Issue

After recognizing the problems to address, the next step in to get a complete understanding of how the particular issue is affecting the overall working of a team. Usually, we do consider that a particular issue is slowing down the processes and overall efficiency of the organisation, however, fixing the exact cause would be most beneficial.

Finding Solutions

Finding the solution could prove to be an uphill task. It would always be wise to brainstorm the issue to elicit a variety of ideas and solution from within the team.  Being an Agile Leader your task is to not only coach the Agile team but to also take everyone on board. Moreover, you have to keep this in mind that such solutions should not only effective but also efficient in the long run.

Implementing Solutions

By far the most difficult task of being an Agile coach is to implement solutions to address impediments. An Enterprise Agile coach tends to implement the solution in a manner which does not cause any kind of conflict or dysfunction in an organisation.

Most of the time the implementation of a sudden solution can draw adverse criticism from within the Agile group and thus cause dysfunction. Being a Leader and a Coach, it is your responsibility to handle such impediments and the affected people with due responsibility and utmost care.

Handling impediments need patience, expertise and experience. The organisation is expecting its Agile Leaders to deliver on this score by pointing out adverse situations and organisational loopholes and presenting practical solutions to mitigate and eradicate them from the system in the shortest time frame.


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