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Mastering your Executive Presence

Starting April 20, 2019 1-2 Days

“All leaders reach points in their careers when what is required to be most effective changes. This means not just changes in the job description or the required tasks but when those around them— the team, the boss, the C-suite—expect something dramatically different. At these moments, your technical skills, no matter how superior, will not be enough. You need to exude leadership presence.”

Today executives are moving into senior roles at an alarmingly fast pace. Prepared or not, organizations are placing bets on younger leaders in an attempt to achieve better strategic results. Coupled with that- the changing business landscape, changing employer expectations, shifting responsibilities- the demands on the leaders at all levels is constantly evolving. With opportunity coming well in advance of the experience, and emotional maturity necessary to sustain success, it’s natural for leaders to feel unprepared and find their presence slipping. There are many professional development options available to your organization. Few however, provide a return on investment as significant as supporting your leaders with Executive Presence.

Learning Outcomes As a result of attending this program, participants will:

• Learn current leadership presence with the presence quadrants.
• Understand the ACE model for developing Presence.
• Learn the 4 components of Assumptions driving leadership behaviour’s
• Discover strategies for building confidence in handling business situations
• Know how to use communication strategies to create impact
• Recognize the impact of non-verbal behaviour
• Identify the 4 keys to developing and sustaining powerful relationships
• Develop an action plan to improve their professional leadership presence

This workshop is ideal for

• Senior managers and executives
• Leaders taking on a new role
• Leaders in transition
• Leaders embarking on an important project requiring to get on board diverse stakeholders
• This program is highly recommended for leaders in Matrix organizations.

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