ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)
Rs 24,999 - 32,999

Started on May 25, 2018
Rs 24,999 - 32,999

The ICP-ACC is one of two certifications on the Agile Coaching track. The certification focuses primarily on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach.

After finishing the certification, you will be able to differentiate between mentoring, facilitating, consulting, teaching and coaching, and will also gain the skills needed to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an Agile team. This certification introduces participants to team development concepts around starting and growing teams while paying particular attention to team dynamics and the surrounding organizational system. A key part of this certification focuses on developing an understanding of the Professional Coaching skill set and the value of honing these skills to serve individuals on an Agile team.

We will cover the required learning objectives for this certification in approximately 21 hours of instructional activities over the course of three days.

This course is developed for
Agile team leaders or aspiring team leaders with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice coaching. Relevant roles include Project Managers, ScrumMasters, Iteration Managers, Agile Coaches and Aspiring coaches, Product Owners, Analysts, and anyone with the desire to harness the power of coaching.

  • The Agile Coach Roles
  • Responsibilities and Skills of the Coach
  • Setting Boundaries for Coaching
  • Coach as Professional Coach
  • The Coaching Conversation – Coaching for Action
  • Professional Coaching Skills
  • Conducting the Coaching Conversation
  • Coach as Mentor
  • Mentoring vs. Coaching
  • Coach as Teacher
  • Teams
  • Setting up the Team Environment
  • Creating a Team Kickoff/Startup Agenda
  • Characteristics of an Agile Team
  • Coaching the Journey toward High Performance
  • Handling Conflict and Dysfunction within the Team
  • Handling Organizational Impediments
  • Planning to facilitate a conflict in a team

ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coaching  primarily focuses on the mind-sets, roles, coaching skills and responsibilities of an Agile Coach, and after successful completion of the course, you will be ICP-ACC certified.


Scrum Alliance

By attending this course, you will be eligible to earn up to 24 Category C SEU Points.

Business Leadership Academy / Course Approved by International Coaching Federation (ICF)

By attending this course, you will be eligible to earn Agile Coaching Practitioner certificate.

By attending this course, you will be eligible to earn ICF CCE 9 hrs.


EARLY BIRD: ₹27,999 + Taxes
STANDARD: ₹34,999 + Taxes

Special Rates if you are an employee of IBM, WIPRO, TCS, Siemens, Legato, Sanria and many more.

Contact us directly on info@leadership-tribe.com 


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What our audience say

Sweena M – IBM
One of the best workshops attended in the last few years.

Ganesh Iyer – Reliance Dubai

The team of leadership tribe are brilliant. Krishna and Ranjeev are extremely good speakers and have the most realistic approach for coaching. They understand your issues and give a very practical and realistic solutions. They stay connected even after the training program and follow up to measure how effective the training has been.

Diljith M – TCS

They are simply awesome… It was a treat to learn with full of fun filled activities and events and learning all the way. Leadership tribe is really excellent in their support, guidance and trainings provided. Just go with them!

Aninda C – Seimens

The training was crisp, neat and good. Good mix of theory and activity.


Are meals provided?

Yes. Lunches are provided across the three-day course as well as beverages throughout the day to keep you going. Please let us know if you have any special requirement about your diet.

Is it a residential course?

No. If you are travelling from outside the course location you may want to arrange your accommodation in advance. We are happy to assist if required, please contact us at info@leadership-tribe.com.

Do you offer concession prices for your sessions?

Yes. If you have a group of more than 3 people booking the course together, you are eligible for the group booking discount at surprising rates. If you’re looking for a tailored course for your business, call us on +91 (0)973 902 2490 or email info@leadership-tribe.com to find out how we can help you.

Agile and Lean practices at a high-level can appear to be about better processes but processes would be meaningless without the people who drive them towards a shared result. So it is safe to say that for processes to be agile, it has to be driven by people who are agile. Which means that agile had to be elevated from being a methodology to being an ideology, from being a framework to a mindset. This sets the premise for the ICP – ACC course (ICAgile Certified Professional and Agile Certified Coach course).

What is Agile Coaching?

Agile ideals focus on people and relations, through trust, respect and genuine mutual interest. Coaching is the art of providing a conducive environment for the team and its individuals to grow and collaborate. A coach is not an organizational saviour but rather a mentor or a guide who is not limited to a single framework or methodology within Agile. Coaching isn’t about making good decisions but it is about enabling and empowering someone else to make a good decision through a discover-based approach.

Who needs an Agile Coach?

An organisation’s future depends on the choices made by everyone – from decision-makers at the top to its smallest worker at the bottom. Naturally, these choices should be empirically made with the aim to do better than before, in other words, continuously improve. To be able to do this, it is necessary that this approach has to become second nature to everyone in the organisational structure. A methodology may be limited by its ability to scale but that isn’t true for an ideology. For an organisation determined to embed the ideology of agility, an Agile Coach can be an attentive guide who can ensure that the organization will stay on the path to absorbing this way of life.

This course developed for?

Though there are no prerequisites, this course is essential for those who would like to benefit from immersing themselves in the ideology and be able to impart it in their organisation or practice in some scale, shape or form.



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