ICAgile Agility In The Enterprise (ICP-ENT)

Started on January 1, 1970
Do you visualize yourself enabling Organisations, Business Units, Departments and Teams with the Agile way of doing things?

Do you see yourself

  • Influencing leaders, challenging and engaging them to deliver best outcomes for the client and teams?
  • Creating Business Agility and aiding Organisation Design to Scale Agile?

If this is the direction that you would like to explore further, then this is the right opportunity for you to expand your professional competence.

One of ICAgile’s most advanced tracks, the Enterprise Agile Coaching track equips agile coaching practitioners to work effectively at the enterprise-level. The learning objectives of this course are structured to introduce you to:

  • Enterprise agile coaching effectiveness
  • Organizational design,
  • Enterprise agile frameworks,
  • Executive / leadership coaching,
  • Large group facilitation,
  • Change management strategies.

On completion of this course, the knowledge-based certifications which you would earn are Agility in the Enterprise and Coaching Agile Transitions. Once you obtain this foundation you can further build your expertise by applying for the coveted ICAgile Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching.

What Value will you derive?

Enterprise Coaching Skills and Scope
Transit through the entire spectrum of enterprise agile coaching. We shall walk you along the path to professional mastery and the ethical considerations therein

Enterprise Agility: Structures and Process
Analyse current organizational structures against common agile paradigms; Learn to analyse business processes at the organizational level and determine how to make them more agile.

Enterprise Agility: Leadership and Culture
Work with Executive teams to understand organizational needs; leverage leadership development models; engage all organizational levels in conversations about cultural change.

Change and Enterprise Agile Transitions
Learn how to work with organizations to enact agile transition strategies; manage organizational impediments; realize the powerful potency of agility at an enterprise level.

The Agenda


  • What is‘Whole Value Stream’
  • Understanding Systems and Complexity Theory
  • Lean Underpinnings & Mindset

Business Agility

  • Understanding Business Agility
  • Extending Agility to the Enterprise
  • Measuring Business Performance with Agility in Mind


  • Organization Design and Structure
  • Awareness of Organizational Structure
  • Adaptive Principles and Patterns for Organizational Design
  • Agile Frameworks for Enterprise Scaling

Organizational Processes and Improvement

  • Understanding Business Processes and their Impact
  • Agile Business Process Improvement


  • Working with Leaders
  • Understanding and Working with Executive Teams
  • Understanding Executive Coaching vs. Advising
  • Understanding Leadership Development

Organizational Culture and Alignment

  • Understanding Organizational Culture
  • Engaging Leadership in Conversation about Culture
  • Developing an Agile Team Culture
  • Health and Sustainability of Agile Teams and Agile Processes
  • Enabling Technical Craftsmanship in the Team Culture

Who is this course for?
Agile team leaders or aspiring team leaders with a passion for Enterprise Transformation and a desire to learn Business Agility. This course is best suited for Change Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and aspiring coaches, and anyone with the desire or curiosity to harness the power of coaching with a thorough understanding of the Agile Enterprise Transformation methodology. Anyone seeking to upgrade competence and differentiates themselves from their peers, should pursue this Expert certification

A basic understanding and experience of team-based coaching such as a Scrum Master or a Project Manager, or you have some management experience across multiple teams and now want to upgrade your skill to agile at scale.

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