High Performance Leadership Course

Started on July 13, 2018
How does one handle unpredictable challenges associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex and critical leadership roles? In this program, you will learn how to lead under pressure, effect change, empower teams, and nurture talent throughout the organization.

Do you see yourself

  • Seeking increasing levels of responsibility and success throughout your career?
  • Exploring fresh perspectives and tangible action plans for taking charge and inspiring leadership throughout your organization?
  • The High Performance Leadership Program provides you with strategies to handle volatile and unpredictable challenges associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex leadership roles.

    One of Leadership Tribes key courses, the High Performance Leadership Program course equips you to perform at the executive levels. The learning objectives of this course are structured to help you to:

    • Understand, recognize, and imbibe impactful leadership qualities in yourself and others
    • Stay relevant, while dealing with new challenges and operating responsibilities
    • Manage behavioural issues and build relationships to achieve both professional and personal goals
    • Receive—and deliver—feedback with professionalism
    • Lead effectively in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations
    • Empower your personal leadership style with the demands of the organization without compromising on your beliefs and values
    • Stay connected with your possibilities by personal reflection amid the murky world of survival and living
    • Scout and nurture next class of high-performing leaders within the organization

    On completion of this course, the knowledge-based certification which you would earn is a Certificate in Executive Leadership .

    What Value will you derive?

    • Actionable strategies to implement at work and in your life
    • Design and achieve personal and professional goals
    • Find a valuable network of peers
    • Post course coaching as you confront ongoing leadership challenges

    The Agenda

    Boots on Ground

    • The distinction between leadership and management
    • Pros and cons of different leadership styles
    • The challenges of new age leadership

    Building High Performance Teams

    • Factors that enable you to build productive teams
    • How to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of your team
    • Understanding team evolution and member development
    • Leading dynamic and complex teams—learn, unlearn and relearn
    • Optimise creativity and innovation within groups
    • Leadership Expression

      • Learn the Power of Self Expression
      • Ability to say No
      • Defend your decisions with conviction
      • Create Powerful Networks

        • Establishing effective networks
        • The importance and art of esprit de corps
        • Rapport building
        • Developing a Culture of Growth

          • Understanding Organisational Climate and Culture
          • The Fundamentals of Motivation and Stress related Behaviour
          • Dealing with dissent and conflict of interests
          • Nurturing a high Emotional Intelligence Index
          • Through a series of non-traditional and real life techniques drawn from firsthand experience in the Armed Forces and NLP, you will expand your ability to lead and succeed in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous situations.
          • Who is this course for?

            Typical participant include, but not limited to:

            • Vice president
            • Director
            • Program manager
            • Senior manager
            • Team leader

            Although the program focuses on individual development, companies sending groups of three to five participants from different functions will facilitate collaboration, teamwork, and learning throughout their organizations. This helps to create:

            • A core group of enabled individuals engaging themselves addressing leadership issues
            • A common understanding of the challenges confronting emerging leaders—and of ways to avoid potential pitfalls
            • Pioneers who can radiate the principles learned in the program
            • A model for personal development that can be used within the company’s leadership teams
            • Mentors who can build the next line of leaders
            • DELIVERY MODEL

              The course is an instructor led program with simulated and real-case examples from the Armed Forces and Corporate, designed to help participants choose real-world examples to experiment and apply concepts for deepened learning.


              2 days

              Key Take aways

              • Course manual and notebook
              • Content to help you know why and how of high performance
              • Improved leadership skills
              • Skills to equip you to lead cross functional and multiple teams
              • An understanding of how to influence people and create a powerful impact
              • Support towards your leadership journey

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