Certified Scrum Master

Started on July 13, 2018
Scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly, in accordance with Agile principles. The Scrum Master manages the process for how information is exchanged and in ensuring effective and efficient backlog and sprint management. A Certified Scrum Master facilitates the project teams in the proper usage of Scrum, which increases the possibility of success in the concerned project. CSMs understand Scrum values, practices, and applications and have a unique level of knowledge and understanding when compared to project managers. Being servant leaders they keep the Scrum team together and help them in learning the Scrum framework. They keep the team secure from both internal and external distractions.

We propose to transform you into competent facilitators who ensure that Scrum Teams assigned to you are provided with an environment conducive to completing the project successfully. Our programme shall enable you to effectively guide, facilitate, and enforce Scrum practices to everyone involved in your assigned project; teach you how to clear impediments for the team; and, ensure that you are well versed on Scrum processes as per enunciated protocol. You will learn all about scrum terminologies and their applications. As a Scrum Master, we shall enable you to be skilled with advanced thinking for servant-leadership and behavioural shifts.

The course is developed for

  • Professionals who would like to pursue a career as a professional Scrum Master
  • Managers of Scrum teams
  • Members of Scrum teams such as Developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners.
  • Teams transitioning to Scrum.

Our Course Content

  • Overview of Scrum
  • Overview of a Scrum Project
  • The Scrum team
  • Product backlog
  • The Product Owner
  • Releases
  • Sprints
  • The Scrum Master
  • Enterprise Transformation

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