Certificate in Agile Marketing

Started on July 13, 2018
Agile Marketing is all about aligning the marketing processes with agile techniques used by development teams. Adopting agile will help in iterating the marketing efforts which help in analysing which marketing campaigns are working effectively and giving the highest results. Through this programme, we envision to improve your capabilities in business execution thereby increasing productivity levels and ensuring improvement in your marketing velocity as the focus on your clients increase. Agile Marketing dwells on employee engagement wherein team members collaborate and are more accountable to one another, resulting in better morale, employee engagement, and ultimately, job satisfaction.

After the completion of this course, your efficiency in marketing development will increase by 80%. You will be able to organise your marketing into educating, selling and filtering. By focusing on the customer relationships with the most value, you will increase your revenue. You will master the techniques of using systems and messaging in finding the ideal customers and nurturing them. We shall expose you to manage marketing operations teams and on capabilities to implement effective weekly sprints. We focus on the importance of maintaining cadence to allow for faster execution and testing marketing campaigns. The programme shall address how to deal with high influx of work and to execute it in a timely manner without drop in tempo. You shall understand the need for collaborative teamwork and how Agile marketing methods work and produce outstanding results.

The course is developed for

  • The people working in a marketing role, including managers, project team members, and stakeholders.
  • Those who want to apply Agile to marketing techniques to get achieve results.

Our Course Content

  • Create Consistent and Sustainable Content.
  • Build brand Awareness.
  • Capture and Engage Client and Audience.
  • Strategy in Generating Leads.
  • Consistency in Website Traffic and SEO.

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