Agile Leadership Certification Programme (ALCP)

Started on July 13, 2018
If your prime concern is to understand an Agile transformation and focus on people and mindsets to create human and Organisational transformation, then we are just the right agency to assist you in your quest. Our certification programme shall empower you with the technology of enforcing desired behavioural change. We shall give you essential leadership tools to help transform your organisation into Agile/cross-functional teams. We shall expose you to the nuances of dealing with your realities that include overcoming internal resistance to organization-wide agility.

After completion of this certification, our practical tools will bolster your shift from Agile Practitioner to Agile Leader, and give you a compelling vision to take up senior management positions in your organisations. You will learn to consider your organisation broadly and you will be able to lead and advance your agile transformation. By developing your organisation through agile methodologies you will learn to engage your people and foster a culture of continuous improvement. You will align and empower teams toward delivering more customer value.

The course is developed for

  • The leaders with organisational influence like executives, middle management, and others.
  • Leaders who are involved in supporting, leading and interacting with Agile teams.
  • Leaders associated with agile adoption in any given organisation.

Our Course Content

  • Appreciating diverse Organisational Cultures.
  • Identifying Business Value.
  • Recognizing Root Causes.
  • Exploiting Uncertainty.
  • Applying Development Methodologies.
  • Managing Risk.
  • Cultivating your Emotional Intelligence.
  • Sharpening your Influencing Skills.
  • Empowering Teams and Fostering their Success.
  • Problem-Solving.
  • Making Decisions in a Complex World.
  • Implementing your Agile Leadership Action Plan.

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