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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young” – Henry Ford

Choosing an ideal institute/coach for Agile Training and mentoring in Bangalore can be one of the best decisions you can take for a flourishing career. These training courses are a must-have to nourish you with the right know-how and agile mindset, practices that can assist you in the long-run.

However, choosing the correct course and the best institute is something necessary.

You need to make a rewarding and fruitful decision of choosing the right partner who promises 100% satisfaction and is capable of delivering you with the right mix of theory and practicality.

Also choosing a renowned agency for Agile Training can act as the staircase to your way towards growing success and can embellish you with industrial skills to up-scale your potential.

Have a glimpse of the perks you will get with these top of the line courses:

Agile Transformation Journey

Every one of us dreams of optimising the product, processes, people and environment to a greater extent while we are increasing the revenue whilst we are decreasing the cost. Shouldn’t this be easy? In theory yes and in reality? Probably meh! Achieving this requires in-depth knowledge and a humongous set of proven principles that guide one to the purpose of the journey.

By enrolling and investing in your Agile development, one can quickly learn some of the best engineering practices like Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Design Thinking and various methods to render on-time and better business solutions. These professional courses can help you build the skills for Business Agility, Transformation Agility, Technical Agility, Agile Leadership, and much more.

These courses are specifically designed by industry experts who are  Agile practitioners and coaches. They have seen it, done it and now are training the community on the best practices gained working globally. You will be able to easily experience and identify the difference in delivering the best value to your clients, customers and more importantly you as a human being.

What is in it for you?
Benefits of enrolling into Agile Training:
  • A better understanding of why Agile is far better than conventional project development strategies.
  • Plunge into the know-how of why Agile is a topnotch approach and why Agile is not only suitable for dealing with SDP (Software Development Projects) as well as for your personal lifestyle.
  • Apply what you have learned in training on the live projects while terminating the complexities.

Certified Agile Coach Training and Certification (ICP-ACC)

If you believe that Agile Coaches tell people what to do when one needs to understand the roles, responsibilities, and mindset. This comprehensive training program in Bengaluru is focused on people who can build high-performance individual and organisations with the skills and abilities to build innovative organisations.

Future Agile Coaches enrolled in ICP – ACC Certified Agile coach for Agile teams program will help individuals to learn and adapt Agile coaching stance, tool sets, and exercises.

This course will also make you earn an Agile Coach Certificate that can open the doors to a flourishing and thriving career.

Benefits of enrolling into Certified Agile Coach Training and Certification (ICP-ACC)
  • The thorough difference between Teaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Coaching and the Coaching stance.
  • The responsibilities and accountabilities of an Agile Coach.
  • How to develop high performing and self-organising Agile Teams.
  • Also, the knowledge to become an agile enterprise coach.

Agile Team Facilitation

Projects have a start and end date. We have project managers, Scrum Masters and Leaders who work with teams to deliver better customer outcome. So it is not only imperative to identify the pattern of the team working but also create a facilitative environment where teams are empowered to drive better value to customers. One has to coordinate with internal and external stakeholder as well as facilitate the discussions to create a greater purpose and adhere to commitments.

To understand the mindset of a facilitator and tolls to drive complex conversations, one can enrich themselves by attending the  ICP – ATF Agile Team Facilitator course. With this high-end course, you will be able to identify the potholes and you can avoid them for smooth and seamless teamwork. This state-of-the-art course will also help you in addressing the roles of every individual in a team.

Benefits of enrolling into Agile Team Facilitation
  • The knowledge to apply a plethora of techniques and tools.
  • A determination about the roles of facilitation skills in working environments.
  • The responsibilities of a Scrum Master towards a collaborative team.
  • Harness the Kanban values and the systems.
  • Understandability of startup philosophies and learn techniques.
  • Polarity Management.
  • Unique techniques to determine customer behaviour.
Benefits of enrolling in Coach for Business Agility – Foundations:

Coaching for Business Agility program in Bangalore is laced with tried and tested approaches that can help the individuals to bring in new perspectives to the organisational agility, which is needed. In order to work in a VUCA world, one needs to incorporate new abilities and skills which are only possible by indulging into this course.

Undeniably enterprises these days are growing at a rapid pace, and they need to cope up with the competitive markets and sustain & exceed in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. This has created a massive gap for business agility. Every step taken should be able to surpass the expectations of customers and help organisations to be innovative.

Coach for Business Agility – Foundations

Design Thinking

In this world full of business complexities every enterprise needs someone who has decent problem-solving approaches and is capable of handling any situation. This has forced companies to look out for professionals who have brilliant innovation, great customer understanding, and topnotch collaborative skills in their blood.

Fortunately, the advanced design thinking courses in Bangalore are designed to help individuals to get a better grasp over these approaches. The learners participating in this course will be able to re-define their strategies while learning several new practices to cope up with similar situations.

The individuals enrolled will also have a better insight into the tools and techniques used in design thinking, which will fuel their business as well as personal growth.

Benefits of enrolling into Design Thinking
  • Refine your skills to deal with business complexities in a sophisticated and convenient way.
  • Gain excellent knowledge about the tools and techniques that can assist you in the long run.
  • In-depth understanding of the variations of multifarious business issues and the reason behind them.

Why is Leadership Tribe the most preferred choice among people of Bengaluru and across the world?

We are not just a traditional course provider whose duty is only to educate you about these courses. But we are the right partner who knows how to nourish you with the right skills.

We are affordable:

We have managed to design our courses in the most economical and affordable ways. You do not need to shell out huge bucks for getting high-quality training.

We are an accredited agency:

Leadership-Tribe is an accredited agency that is authorised by the renowned organisations (ICAgile, Scrum Alliance). Certificates provided by us hold a prestigious value across the globe and you can switch to any organization irrespective of the nations.

Our courses are easily learnable:

The courses crafted by us are easy to learn and experiential. All of these sessions are based on practicality and can deliver you the best industrial skills and knowledge.

There is nothing better than upgrading your skills with in-house or onsite training programs to uplift your career, support your teams to build high-performance teams as well as build innovative organisations with Leadership Tribe.

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