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Who We Are ?

Leadership Tribe (LT) is a global provider of executive education. We develop people into better leaders by transforming individuals, teams, organisations, and societies. Our delegates have reported a significant boost in their confidence and identified key areas in their skills gap they could improve upon; developed their professional attributes and increased their efficiency through more effective work practices and new-found leadership skills.

We create time and space for leaders to learn together, creating connections across London, China, India and building networks; enabling them to work as a tribe who will exert a tremendous positive impact on our thinking.

What differentiates a tribe from other tribes is the “tribal culture” which encompasses its essence and what they stand for. Tribes are crucial to the well-being of a society. They are a means to an end, the purpose being a cause greater than ourselves that will contribute significantly to the larger good of the people. It is this vision and core tenant of LT to create a higher purpose that ignites people to come together to grow as a tribe, an organisation or a society. And it is at this very juncture that the value of a leader comes into play. Leaders are at the heart of a society. Real leaders inspire people to come out of woods and show them by example what they are worth and are capable of; to lead their lives to the fullest potential.We have offices in London (UK), Wuhan (China) and Bangalore (India).

What We Do ?


Why Choose Us ?

At Leadership Tribe (LT), we not only provide exceptional training solutions and consultancy services to address clients’ competency gaps, but also establish a platform to promote excellence through deployment of focused knowledge and best practices, enable clients to implement transformational changes to achieve desired business outcome, improve their competitiveness through multi-faceted interventions leveraging key learnings from Agile Methodology, Leadership Skills, Team Building and Personal Mastery.
  • Empirical Learning and Innovation
We incorporate our experiences and real-life case studies with textbooks to optimise clients’ learning effectiveness. Our activity-centric workshops promote clients to advance and sharpen their knowledge in the related field, appreciate different perspectives and spark new ideas through peer interaction, and generate innovative and result-oriented solutions to tackle challenges.
  • Global Presence and Network
Leadership Tribe has a global footprint with offices and subsidiaries in the UK, India, China, UAE and South Africa. We have collaborated with businesses ranging from FTSE 100 companies to small-and-medium enterprises, and have received positive feedbacks and being strongly recommended by our existing clients.
  • Sheer Professionalism
We take every step to make sure the trainings and services we provide are relevant and practical, and deliver the best quality and experience possible for our clients. We set ourselves high professional and ethical standards and we deliver them as promised. Our team are enthusiastic and passionate about our professions, consistently demonstrate top-level competency and integrity, and exercise good manners and appropriate etiquette in all clients’ dealings.
  • Integrated Approach
With our expertise in Leadership Development, Enterprise Management, Agile Techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), we warrant the training results by helping our clients to embed and practice their learnings through a regime of mentoring and coaching post the training sessions, as well as enabling them to sustain the learning outcomes by adopting the key Agile/NLP techniques and tools.
  • Client Focus
We have a strong client focus and all aspects of the business evolve around clients’ needs. We genuinely believe that our success orientates in our clients’ achievement, and we highly value our clients’ growth and always put their satisfaction first. We work hand in hand with clients in their transformation journey, help them to identify and implement outcome-centric solutions, deliver on business goals and drive continuous improvement.
  • Experience, Knowledge and Strategic Insight
We have a team of industry leading experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the faculty gained from their established practices and career with companies including the FTSE 100. Our professionals have a proven track of records in providing valuable perspectives, facilitating clients to re-think and re-design strategy, keeping pace with the transformative age and steering the ship accordingly.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility
Our training and coaching programs are customised to meet clients’ specific needs, fill competency gaps or resolve particular issues. We work to accommodate our clients’ schedule and deadlines, and can deliver the training face-to-face or remotely using communication tools. We also offer one-to-one Executive Coaching which offers personalised services to leaders worldwide with flexibility and confidentiality.
  • Customised Training
We enable clients to bridge the gap between current state and the target state with customised trainings. We assess clients’ status quo and understand desired competency, design and develop the bespoke training program, upskill workforce and uplift team proficiency in the subject matter, build on skills and implement transformational change, measure phased progress and anchor changes with continued support.
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