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12 April 2019

3 Day Certification Program

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Has been a wonderful 2 day Agile marketing session, learned the fundamentals of agile and looking to implement the same at my work. Great sessions consumable content, nailed concepts. Thank you team Krishna, Rajeev, Balaji and Uday.

Rashmi G

Agile is the need of the hour and companies need to adapt the methodologies soon. Krishna and Ranjeev are the rockstar of the Agile Marketing training ! Thought provoking sessions leaving you intrigued for more . curriculum has right balance of role playes and presentations. Provides structure to your thought process so one can adapt with ever changing technologyC134

Vandana T

Two days training in Agile Marketing. The approach towards the subject was quite different, more discussions vs decks/ppt, use of real life experiences vs hypothetical situations etc kept the learning real and easy to relate. Special shout out to Rajeev for teaching with real life experiences. Kirsha was excellent on the subject matter and was able to facilitate the training efficiently.

Shalom W

The Leadership Tribe workshop on Agile marketing served as an eye opener to my own leadership style, helped me understand how to apply Agile methodologies in my daily life and make it a way of being rather than doing. I also thoroughly enjoyed learning about coaching and the application of coaching methods at work. The NLP tactics infused into the program helped me dig deeper into altering my perceptions of my beliefs. 2 days well spent

Kavya G

One of the best workshops attended in the last few years. Agile marketing & leadership sounds confusing and this workshop made it easy for me to adopt and implement it in the current working culture. Being Agile is the way ahead and I believe now I can make several changes in my work streams, processes, leadership skills, etc.; and also influence my team to adopt agile as the ‘new way of working’ in marketing. Thanks LT team for this.

Sweena M

Great experience on the 2 day Agile Marketing and Leadership workshop. Learnt a few concepts that I certainly look forward to incorporate the learnings like the ‘Design thinking, Empathy mapping, application of Agile methodologies for creation of a marketing Strategy, Coaching techniques and leveraging different Leadership styles discussed’ in my day to day activities. Definitely recommend this for my fellow marketers!

Subhashish P

This was a very good workshop wherein I could understand that agility can be applied everywhere in every Field and need not be restricted to one particular aspect. Agile marketing is new in india and I’m very glad to have knowledge about it but having knowledge isn’t enough knowing how to implement it is also important. Learnt alot about leadership and coaching which is very vital for my field as a growing individual. Two days of good learning and experience at the very same time totally worth the time invested on a weekend. 🙂

Aafreen M

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