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Leadership Tribe (LT) is a global provider of executive education. We develop people into better leaders by transforming individuals, teams, organisations, and societies. Our delegates have reported a significant boost in their confidence and identified key areas in their skills gap they could improve upon; developed their professional attributes and increased their efficiency through more effective work practices and new-found leadership skills.

We create time and space for leaders to learn together, creating connections across London, China, India and building networks; enabling them to work as a tribe who will exert a tremendous positive impact on our thinking.

What differentiates a tribe from other tribes is the “tribal culture” which encompasses its essence and what they stand for. Tribes are crucial to the well-being of a society. They are a means to an end, the purpose being a cause greater than ourselves that will contribute significantly to the larger good of the people. It is this vision and core tenant of LT to create a higher purpose that ignites people to come together to grow as a tribe, an organisation or a society. And it is at this very juncture that the value of a leader comes into play. Leaders are at the heart of a society. Real leaders inspire people to come out of woods and show them by example what they are worth and are capable of; to lead their lives to the fullest potential.We have offices in London (UK), Wuhan (China) and Bangalore (India).

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